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Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts
Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts
Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts
Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts
Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts
Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts

Herbal professional ointment for the removal of warts

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Before we introduce our product, let us take a look at our satisfied customers


"I had a wart on my face for years. I tried burning it with liquid nitrogen several times, but to no avail. One treatment with this herbal wart removal ointment and a month later it disappeared. In just 4 weeks the skin has completely healed. Perfect to get rid of this wart."

Daniela Vasquez --- Bremen, Bremen


"Warts and skin tags along with small moles. I have had all in my neck . worked in any case . Of course, my doctor claimed I shouldn't, but when I told him, 'You're just mad because I saved money and won't help you pay off your car,' he would have charged $50 each and I got it all for well under 30."

John Henry Johnson --- Leipzig, Saxony

What causes warts?


Warts are caused by infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus causes an excess of keratin, a hard protein, to form in the top layer of skin (epidermis). The excess keratin creates the rough, hard texture of a wart.

Herbal ointment for the removal of warts on the skin


The ointment with herbal ingredients penetrates deep into the skin and acts quickly, allowing dark spots, skin marks and moles to fall off naturally. It removes all spots, moles, warts, skin tags, freckles and more on the face and body.


It works until the skin tags or moles disappear. It also helps build healthy skin cells, preventing new skin spots or moles from reappearing. The ease of use means you can keep your treatment consistent and effective! Formulated with plant essential oils and highly effective ingredients that are safe and painless.

Consists of 4 important ingredients for Herbal Wart Skin Removal Ointment

  1. Sophora
  2. Panthenol
  3. Saffron
  4. Honeysuckle


Sophora root has a positive effect on the complexion and helps with eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea caused by damp heat and wind, which in turn causes itchy skin.


Panthenol is a great moisturizing ingredient. Research has shown that it reduces transepidermal water loss (water that evaporates through the skin). Products containing as little as 1% panthenol can quickly hydrate the skin, resulting in a smoother feel and look.


Saffron is rich in medicinal, antibacterial and pharmacological properties, which makes it a popular ingredient for home skin care. It helps fight acne, pigmentation and inflammation, as well as treat dark spots. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that improve skin tone.


Honeysuckle is rich in saponins and flavonoids and thus rich in antioxidants. This creates a skin barrier against free radicals that damage and age the skin. Its antiseptic properties also make it a natural means of cleansing the skin, evening out skin tone and reducing blemishes.

What makes Herbal Wart Skin Removal Ointment so special

  • Highly active and effective
  • Powerful and safe!
  • Helps build healthy skin cells
  • Prevents the formation of new warts or moles.
  • Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin.
  • Easy to use - simply apply the cream to your skin tags or moles.
  • Perfect alternative to surgical procedures that can be expensive and inconvenient.
  • Vegan formula and cruelty free.

Stella's result after 30 days of using Herbal Wart Skin Removal Salment.

Tag 1


"My skin developed warts. They were small at first, but I didn't know how to deal with them. I used different examination methods that made it worse. It was so aberrant that I didn't know what to do anymore."

Tag 15


"Thick warts covered with dead skin cells peeled off leaving only a small amount of residue. In the second week that I used this herbal wart removal ointment, there were big changes. The sight was less frightening and uncomfortable, and it didn't hurt as much as before."

Tag 30


"It was fantastic and easy! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to remove warts organically because it was painless and successful. After using the product for a month, I had smooth, beautiful skin with no warts or dead skin cells."

Stella Espina --- Nuremberg, Bavaria

This ointment will save you a lot of money!

The all-natural ingredients in Herbal Wart Skin Removal Ointment have been carefully formulated to not only have a great effect on your skin, but also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Originally only available in clinics


Several ladies here at the office have already used this ointment and have seen positive improvement. This alternative can save you over $2,500 per year in expensive clinic visits.

  • Avoid expensive treatments
  • Avoid time consuming appointments
  • Use it comfortably at home
  • Strong strength
  • Use it while traveling!

How to use:

  1. Clean the area of the skin tag.
  2. Apply a thin layer of this ointment with a cotton swab.
  3. Apply the ointment 2-3 times a day for best results.
  4. The wart will fall off naturally and painlessly.


Product details: herbal ointment for the removal of warts